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I can remember the first oldie I felt like I just had to have. I was 14 years old and in love with a girl since the 5th grade. I was in the car with my mom and she was listening to KRLA like always and then this song came on , It was (You  Really Got A Hold on Me) by Smokey Robinson . It reminded me of the way I felt for this girl and I just had to have it. Just my luck that at this time there was a commercial on T.V. that had a special 2 record set of Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye's Greatest hits ,  so I begged my Mom for it and she being a fan of both of them ordered the set . About 4 weeks later they arrived and they were left at the mail box for my apartment building ,  they had been in the sun all day and got badly warped  but i was so excited to hear my song that I stacked 2 nickels on top of the record needle to keep it from skipping which worked well.

That was the start of my collection and the first time I realized that oldies would be the soundtrack of my life . My Father passed away when I was 11 back in 1985 and he loved the Temptations . I can remember my Dad singing along to all their songs and dancing at BBQ's In the park   so that was the next record I had to have . Once I got their greatest hits I used to listen to them every night and remember my Dad Dancing and singing along to their music in the park .

Oldies have always been my favorite type of music especially the kind you can go cruising to with that special someone . I feel that the soulfulness of the music provides the perfect soundtrack to my life and the Lowrider lifestyle. A style that has been a part of my life  and many others  and that is why I make these Volumes of music available to you all free of charge . I hope you listen to these songs and play them in your cars and at home and keep this music alive and well forever. I made 4 volumes of funk music too I collect old funk as well being the 80's kid I am.

If you have any special requests or need to find that special song drop me a few lines and let me know , I'll  see what I can do for you .

Thank you for visiting    : Mr. Clumsy

Here's Volume 10 and volume 11 - Full Cd's and always free to download , just showing the love , feel free to share and check out my fb/clumsysoldies for more original videos and pictures
     Download GHB Vol 1 a complitation from my partners in crime

Check Out My Compilation Of Spanish Oldies Below, songs that really hit the heart .

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